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Actress and clown. She trained in physical theater (Lecoq) in Berty Tovias at Barcelona.

She has been researching and experimenting with the art of clown and comedy since 2011, having formed with Catherine Germain, Chistophe Thellier, Fanny Giraud, Pep Vila, Nola Rae, Antón Valén, Norman Taylor and Gabriel Chamé, among others. Passionate in the work of the body on stage she trained in Commedia dell’arte with Antonio Fava in Italy, physical humor with E. Sembeley and dance.

In 2012, she started performing with her solo shows and with other companies both in the theaters and in the streets, having performed in France, Austria and Portugal. She is the founding member of the CIA. La Intrèpida with which she has created different shows in duo. As an actress she works with other companies such as Cia. Voilà, Cia. Bi-da i Cia. If you make Blues, among others.

She works as a hospital clown with Pallapupas from 2015. As a theater pedagogue, she teaches clown, masks and commedia dellarte courses for adults.

She has directed two shows (Cia. Va de Nassos) and is a collaborating artist of Clowns Without Borders with whom she has made expeditions to Jordan, Lebanon and Angola.

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